Dear PMIA and SHMA members,

You may have noticed that parking on the riverside lot has gotten tremendously difficult lately.  We are planning on re-lining the lot but in the meantime many of you have been observed creating your own parking rules and as a result inconveniencing other commuters.

Please do not park along the north end fence line, don't move the cement u turn sign to make your own spot, and please don't take up more than one spot.

This lot is private and we can and will revoke parking privileges for those not following the rules.

If you get to the station and the lot is over capacity then unfortunately you must park elsewhere.  Typically the lot is full by or before the 8:33southbound train.

We understand everyone's frustration and are trying to figure out solutions but we need all our members to be more cognizant and mindful even as they are rushing for a train.


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